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nikunjiraninikunjirani Staff asked 6 months ago
cash free review Welcome to this Cashfree review blog post, where I share my personal experience with Cashfree, a payment gateway company based in Mumbai, India. As small business owners in India, we understand the importance of finding reliable payment gateway solutions that cater to our unique needs. However, not all service providers live up to their promises. In this blog post, I want to shed light on my encounter with Cashfree, the challenges it presented, and the impact it had on small business owners like myself.

The Promise and the Disappointment:

As a proprietorship business owner, I was excited to explore Cashfree's services, as they claimed to cater to the needs of small enterprises. I reached out to them, eager to onboard their payment gateway solution. However, what followed was a frustrating journey that wasted both my time and energy.

The Never-Ending Wait:

Cashfree requested detailed information about my company during the registration process. Despite providing all the necessary details promptly, I was left waiting for an entire month with no updates or progress. The anticipation turned into disappointment when I received the news that Cashfree was not interested in onboarding small clients like myself. This lack of transparency and failure to communicate their limitations upfront was a major letdown.

The Importance of Backend Support:

In any business relationship, effective communication and support are vital. Unfortunately, Cashfree lacked a proper backend support system or a responsive call center. When I tried to seek clarification and assistance, my attempts were met with limited channels of communication and unresponsiveness. As a small business owner, this lack of support added to my frustrations and hindered my ability to grow and thrive.

The Impact on Small Businesses:

Cashfree's actions highlight a significant concern for small business owners in India. By creating false hopes and failing to be transparent about their client onboarding policies, they not only waste entrepreneurs' valuable time but also hinder their growth potential. The importance of reliable and supportive service providers cannot be understated, especially for small businesses that rely heavily on efficient operations.

A Cautionary Tale:

It is crucial for businesses like Cashfree to understand the impact their actions have on small enterprises. As responsible consumers, we must share our experiences and raise awareness of such issues. By cautioning fellow business owners, especially those under proprietorship, we empower them to make informed decisions when choosing their payment gateway service provider.

Moving Forward:

In light of my experience, I urge small business owners to carefully consider their options when selecting a payment gateway company. Transparency, communication, and responsive support should be top priorities. While Cashfree may not have met these criteria, there are other service providers in the market that value your time, offer transparent policies, and provide reliable support.


The journey of a small business owner is filled with challenges, but choosing the right service providers can alleviate many of these hurdles. Unfortunately, my experience with Cashfree as a payment gateway company was far from satisfactory. The lack of transparency, extensive waiting periods, and inadequate support left me frustrated and hindered my business growth. By sharing my story, I hope to raise awareness among fellow small business owners and encourage service providers like Cashfree to reevaluate their approach. Transparency, efficient support systems, and open communication are crucial for fostering strong relationships between businesses and service providers. As small business owners, let's make informed decisions, hold companies accountable, and support each other on this entrepreneurial journey. #SmallBusiness #TransparencyMatters #CashfreeReview #BusinessServices #PaymentGateway